Hosting A Community Cleanup: Four Steps To Take

2 August 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Whether your neighborhood has a vacant lot or a park that has fallen into disrepair, hosting a community cleanup event can bring everyone together for a good cause. Here are a few steps to consider taking to make your community cleanup event a success.

Spread The Word

You'll want to get as much community involvement as possible, so advertise your event in as many ways as possible. Posting on social media can be a great way to advertise, and flyers in local businesses, schools and churches can also help. Select a date for the cleanup event, and include an email address people can use to sign up or donate services to the cleanup.

Rent A Dumpster

A dumpster is the most important piece of equipment you'll need for your event. It gives you a way to dispose of trash, junk and yard clippings. Contact your local dumpster rental service, and arrange to have the dumpster dropped off the day before your event. Arrange for pickup a few days afterward just in case you aren't able to complete the project in one day. If there are a lot of recyclable materials, you may also ask to rent a recycling bin to have metal, wood and plastic removed to a local recycling facility.

Ask Local Businesses To Donate

Having a clean neighborhood is in the best interest of local businesses, as it makes the surrounding community more inviting for customers. Ask local restaurants to donate food for the volunteers on the day of the cleanup, and ask local hardware stores to donate supplies. You may even be able to have a local construction company volunteer to help repair broken fences or playground equipment.

Gear Up For The Big Day

To host a successful community cleanup, you'll need some supplies. Have work gloves, shovels, garbage bags and rakes on-hand, and be sure to set up a table with coolers filled with bottled water. This will help to keep everybody cool and hydrated throughout the day. If lunch will be catered, have card tables and folding chairs ready for everyone to sit and relax. Be sure to keep a first aid kit on-hand to handle any cuts or scrapes.

Once everything is set up, you and your crew of volunteers can work to clean up the vacant lot or abandoned park. With some hard work and careful planning, you and your community can come together for a good cause.